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Individually Handcrafted 1/12th Scale Porcelain Dolls For The Discerning Collector. 

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      Mini Mannequins




A 1:12th scale porcelain doll approx 5¼ inches tall if she were standing
Suitable for your dolls house or collectors cabinet

Nana is an old lady with a touch of arthritis in her hands and a very sweet face

She wears her serviceable old red velvet dressing gown with a red and tan trim over her no nonsense white cotton nightgown, the front and hem of which has a lace decoration. She wears comfy pink suede slippers and her steel grey hair rolled into pin curls is being kept in place by a hair net.
This doll has a porcelain head and torso construction with porcelain lower arms and legs and a wired soft body which allows some posing

The clothing is not removable

This doll is a collectable and is not suitable for  children

The chair is not included