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Individually Handcrafted 1/12th Scale Porcelain Dolls For The Discerning Collector. 

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      Mini Mannequins




1:12th scale handmade porcelain doll approximately 5½ inches tall
This doll is dressed as a late Victorian lady. This is my version of a dress I saw on the BBC series Ripper Street.
Jane wears full cotton underwear under her ivory white full skirted silk dress with bustle and train; the hems are decorated with black machine embroidery. Her black and white stripped cotton under blouse has a high lace collar and is finished with a black and white double silk bow. The tailored bodice is edged with black lace as are the sleeves. The whole outfit is finished with a black silk sash around the waist which decoratively ends over the bustle and train
This doll has a porcelain head torso with porcelain lower arms and legs with a wired soft armature which will allow some gentle posing
Her clothing is not removable
This doll is a collectable and is not suitable for children