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Individually Handcrafted 1/12th Scale Porcelain Dolls For The Discerning Collector. 

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£65.00 (Sold out)

Late Victorian/Edwardian Postman

A 1:12th scale porcelain doll approx 6 inches tall
Suitable for your dolls house or collectors cabinet

Edward is a hardworking diligent late Victorian/Edwardian postman
He is wearing a Regulation navy uniform consisting of navy cotton trousers with a red stripe down the outside of each leg and a navy cotton tunic top with an upstanding collar in red and brass buttons, with a red edging down the front of the tunic and around the sleeve cuffs
He has a neat pencil line moustache and neatly cropped hair, his   circular crowned hat has a weatherproofed brim.  A empty post sack is slung over his shoulder and he holds the last few letters to be delivered in his hand
This doll has a porcelain head, torso construction with porcelain lower arms and legs and a wired soft body which allows some posing
The clothing is not removable
This doll is a collectable and should not be given to children