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Individually Handcrafted 1/12th Scale Porcelain Dolls For The Discerning Collector. 

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      Mini Mannequins




1:12th scale handmade porcelain doll approximately 5½ inches tall
Bessie  a Victorian working girl with ample proportions  has a motherly disposition and likes keeps an eye over the younger girls. She is wearing a black cotton lace edged petticoat over off white stockings and pantaloons and black leather ankle boots. Her low cut lace edged blouse showing off her ample bust is worn under a burnt orange silk corset. Around her shoulders she wears a rather tatty old fox fur. Her bright Auburn hair is worn up in rolls and curls around her head
This doll has a porcelain head torso with porcelain lower arms and legs with a wired soft body which will allow some gentle posing

Her clothing is not removable

This doll is a collectable and is not suitable for children